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How Odyssey of the Mind Fulfills STEM Objectives

From NOVA North’s Fern Brown & Cindy Byars

21st Century Knowledge and Skills
  • Communications
  • Problem Solving
  • Critical Thinking
Cindy Byars
Improved STEM Programs can Create Individuals Capable of New Solutions and Better Decisions
  • Increased Science and Math Capability is Not Enough
  • Experiences Centered on Design, Innovation, Engineering, and Technology Will Increase Creativity,Inventiveness, Ingenuity, and Imagination Capabilities
  • These Characteristics are fostered in STEM Centered Learning Experiences
Fern Brown
  • PLAN Create a list of necessary materials. Determine the steps in the process of creating the solution. Draw a diagram to match the steps. Troubleshoot to avoid possible problems. CREATE Construct the prototype. Follow the plan to implement the solution. Test it! IMPROVE Evaluate the solution. Redesign the prototype after each trial to gain maximum success.
Cindy Byars
Engineering Design Process
  • GOAL Identify the need/problem
  • ASK Identify all known facts related to the need or problem
  • Identify information that is not known but essential to the situation.
  • Identify what is happening now in relation to the need or problem.
  • Explore other options
  • via the internet, library, interviews, etc.
  • IMAGINE Brainstorm possible solutions.
  • Draw on mathematics and science.
  • Choose the best solution for action by using a list of selected criteria.
Fern Brown

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