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Herndon High Robotics Currently in Second Place at International Championship

St. Louis, MO, 2017-04-26

The Herndon High School FTC Robotics team is competing at the FIRST Championship in St. Louis, Missouri this week. Currently, the team is in second place in a crowded field with over a hundred teams from fifty nations. The team won their admission to the championship in competitions beginning last fall. They earned the highest raw score at the Northern Virginia Qualifier in November. In February they staged a surprise comeback at the FTC Virginia State Championship to clinch their current position as one of the teams representing the state of Virginia.

Epsilon Delta Too is a storied team of fifteen FCPS students with twelve years of competition behind them. Their pursuit, the FIRST Tech Challenge, founded by inventor Dean Kamen, is a robotic competition designed to inspire students in grades 7-12. The teams design, build, and then operate robots in team-on-team competitions. According to the organization, the participants, "guided by adult coaches and mentors, develop STEM skills and practice engineering principles, while realizing the value of hard work, innovation, and sharing ideas." creative problem-solving competition involving students of all ages. It pits bright and creative kids against each other in both spontaneous and long-term tests of intellect and creativity.

Herndon High School's robotics team has competed over the years in three Virginia State Championships, three Super-Regionals and now three World Championships. The team is populated with many young members this year, including students from South Lakes and Hughes Middle School. Even the youngest member though, is a seasoned veteran of engineering competitions. Ryan Gray first competed internationally at age 10, when his Odyssey of the Mind team delivered the strongest balsa structure of any elementary school in the United States. Herndon team member Luke Adsit finally appreciates his AP programming class. Asked about the team's chances, he says, "I'm confident."

team photo

Epsilon Delta Too at the international FIRST Championship this morning