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Click here to do it the old-fashioned way: Download the signup form, print it, fill it out, and drop it by the school’s office.

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6 thoughts on “Signup for Forest Edge OOTM

  • By Cindy Crawford - Reply

    Should I just have my child give the form to their teacher?

    • By statechamps - Reply

      That is fine. You could have them return it in their Thursday folder. If you are coming by the school, you could drop it off at the office.

  • By Alice - Reply

    When is the signup form due?

    • By statechamps - Reply

      The forms are due in the office by October 3rd.

  • By Asim - Reply

    Hi Justin, as per our discussion today, we have submitted Nora’s OOTM form to the school folder – let me know if you don’t get it Thanks Asim

    • By Odyssey of the Mind - Reply

      Thank you, Asim. I’ll have a good idea of this year’s program once those forms come in this evening.

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